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#115: r.statistics: allow output to file and frequency count
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Comment(by mlennert):

 Replying to [comment:1 neteler]:
 > The parameter
 >   output   Resultant raster map (not used with 'distribution')
 > has been added a while ago.

 IIRC, instead of a raster file output, I meant a text file output of the
 statistics, giving you something like this:

 BaseValue StatisticOfCoverValue

 e.g. for each land class type of landuse96_28m give me the average

 Something like the file options in v.db.select for example.

 > "distribution frequency count" is not yet available.

 This shouldn't be too difficult to add. Don't have the time to do this
 now, but in raster/r.statistics/o_distrib.c it should suffice to direct
 the content of the fd2 tempfile to the output file.


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