[GRASS-dev] Moving v.pack and v.unpack from addons to trunk

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 29 02:45:51 PDT 2012

> The modules r.pack/r.unpack and v.pack/v.unpack are a core requirement
> of the space time raster and vector export/import modules in the
> temporal framework.

no objections, but I wonder if we can come up with a solution so that
moving files around like that is not a core requirement of the temporal

and as mentioned earlier, trying to compare two SRSs for equality is
really difficult to get right for all cases of expanded datum and
ellipsoid names, floating point precision and %f ascii text representation
issues, default vs specified grid transforms, etc. it's a mine field of
bugs. Not to discourage you from trying, only that a general purpose
open source python library which did that well would make many people
in the osgeo family very happy, and would probably need all of their eyes
and local corner cases to make it robust.


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