[GRASS-dev] switch to python 2.7 - additional python modules

Johannes Radinger JRadinger at gmx.at
Mon Jan 23 05:01:17 EST 2012


as I follow the postings on this and the osgeo4w dev list, it seems
GRASS will switch over to python 2.7. I really appreciate this step,
as some of my scripts depend on some modules for python 2.7. 

Anyway, what I wanted to ask: 
Which python modules will be preinstalled resp. will come along
with GRASS and will it be possible to manually install certain python modules
in the GRASS python?
Of special interest to me are:

* RPy (which should link to my local R)
* math
* Numpy and especially the SciPy(stats, optimize)
* sqlite3
* random
* probably matplotlib

If this will be bundeld with GRASS I'd not need to compile it myself with my local python installation. Maybe that could be also of advantage to other users.

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