[GRASS-dev] Struggling using two layered vector maps with v.what.rast

Sören Gebbert soerengebbert at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 24 19:12:01 EST 2012

i struggle to use a vector map with two tables attached using layer 1
and 2 together with v.what.rast.
The point is that i don't know if i generate the two layered map
correctly or if i discovered a bug.

I have attached the script so you can reproduce the workflow.

My workflow:

1.) generate a vector map with v.random and a raster map with r.mapcalc
2.) copy the table
3.) attach the copied table to layer 2 of the v.random generated map
4.) add a new column to booth tables to be updated by v.what.rast
5.) start v.what.rast to sample the generated raster map for layer 1 and 2

The sampling using the first layer works fine, but using the second layer
gives me this warning:

Reading features from vector map...
WARNING: 20 points without category were skipped
Update vector attributes...
WARNING: No record for category 0 in table <soil_2>
v.what.rast complete. 0 records updated.

I don't understand why v.what.rast is not able to sample the raster
map with the second layer,
as this layer (table) is an exact copy of the first one.

Any suggestions are welcome. I am using a recent svn version of grass7.

Best regards
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