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#1599: netcdf input upside down raster
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Comment(by cmbarton):

 I've been reading a number of highly variable NetCDF files in the last
 month while I'm here at NCAR, one of the big users of NetCDF.

 I've found that some software reads NetCDF files upside down (including
 ImageJ, the current stable version of MultiSpec, and ArcGIS). We are
 speculating that this is because NetCDF raster files are meant to be read
 from the bottom left, rather than from the top left like normal image
 files--but like georeferenced raster maps.

 However, r.in.gdal seems to consistently read these files correctly in all
 cases--once the proper input string has been determined. New dev versions
 of MultiSpec also are reading NetCDF files correctly now. (I added
 information to the GRASS Wiki for r.in.gdal to describe how to read *.nc
 files into GRASS.) These are working fine in GDAL 1.8 and 1.9

 That said, the other tickets are from 3-4 years back and both refer to GMT
 files, as does this ticket. So I wonder if there is something that happens
 when GMT makes NetCDF or when they pass through GMT that throws GDAL off ?


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