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#1610: Restructure the file layout to comply to the FHS
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      Cpu:  Unspecified   |  
 I suppose this topic is not new to you and it's on the to-do-list of many
 distribution packagers:

 Please restructure the file layout to comply to the file hierarchy


 Many or most GNU/Linux distributions require packages to follow these
 guidelines to even be included. Grass was introduced into Fedora at a
 time, when quality assurance wasn't as tight as it is today. Nevertheless,
 these changes should be made.

 The files installed to /usr/lib and subdirectories are the most prominent

 "/usr/lib includes object files, libraries, and internal binaries that are
 not intended to be executed directly by users or shell scripts."

 For Grass, besides that, it also contains:

  * Translations --> /usr/share/locale
  * Python scripts --> /usr/share
  * Data (icons, fonts, projection data) --> /usr/share
  * Documentation --> /usr/share/man, /usr/share/doc

 The arrows indicate where roughly we expect to find this kind of content.

 I know, it is probably really hard to get all that working with the
 GISBASE environment variable. For Fedora, my approach on the easier part
 was, to hardcode the paths for locales and documentation -- replacing

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