[GRASS-dev] Gsoc: Add OpenMP parallelization to some raster modules

matteo poletti pollo1_91 at yahoo.it
Sun Mar 25 08:50:02 EDT 2012


I am a 2th year student in Compuer Science at the University of Trento, in Italy. I would like to apply for Gsoc with the GRASS project: I am interested in implementing parallelization support for some raster module.

I have read that good knowledge of OpenMP is required. To be honest, I haven't got any experience with OpenMP. Is this a problem? I'm very interested in parallel computing so I will do all my best to learn using it. I have already deal with parallelization using C-Cuda so maybe I will be ready faster (I hope).

If OpenMP isn't a problem, could you suggest me which are the modules that probably will take more advantages by the parallelization? Another thing that I cannot figure out is how much time does it take implementing parallelization for a module such r.cost or similar. Having an idea of this will be important for start thinking about a possible timeline.

Thank you!


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