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Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Wed Dec 18 14:33:53 PST 2013


what is the purpose of macosx/pkg/resources/ReadMe.rtf? I just removed note
about xganim from it but I really don't know if it should be replaced by
g.gui.animation or just removed.

I'm not sure about the purpose of this file. The last change (not counting
my) was 6 years ago (in GRASS 7), so I would say that it is outdated. There
is a lot of information about X11 and Tcl/Tk and then some info about GPS,
R and other things.

The only unique information there are the notes about running Mac OS X app.
But this might be part of some standard manual page.

Is this file used for something, so we should update it and decide what
information should be there, or can we just remove it?

Thanks for info,

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