[GRASS-dev] Securing the correct scale

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 1 23:39:58 PDT 2013

Colin wrote:
> My map display for the location shows the correct UTM
> coordinates (attachment 1), but when I display a raster file,
> the coordinate system changes and the scale bar is wildly out
> (attachment 2).

in attachment two the coordinates in the bottom-left are -80.43,
-0.38, not UTM like in attachment one.

what does 'r.info your_raster_name' say about the N,S,E,W bounds
of the raster image, and the image resolution?

is it an imported map or a self-created one?

guess: Maybe the imported map was lat/lon not UTM and it needs
to be imported to lat/lon then r.proj'd into the UTM location?
(or use gdalwarp as appropriate)


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