[GRASS-dev] error in georeferencing points on import with v.in.ascii

Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
Sat Jun 8 18:25:10 PDT 2013

If it was just grabbing the coordinates from the screen, I would not be worried. But when I do a query, it is clearly pulling up the two points with the same x and y, and showing them with different topological coordinates. I suppose that could still be some kind of display artifact. I have to head out with friends now but will try the command to upload topology to see if that gets it right. But even if it does, the display should not be showing these two points in different places, a couple hundred meters apart.

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On Jun 8, 2013, at 5:50 PM, Hamish <hamish_b at yahoo.com>

> Michael wrote:
>> Here is the command:
>> v.in.ascii --overwrite input=/Users/cmbarton/sites_out
>> /sites_out.csv output=sites_test separator=, skip=1 x=15
>> y=16 cat=0
>> Here is the csv file:
> (got it)
>> Once imported, take a look at the sites in the lower left.
>> You can see the pairs of sites that should be the same
>> location.
> seems that it's ok, v.out.ascii looks good. I think the GUI query
> tool is just picking up the nearby cat 15 at -30626,4116558,
> versus cat 46 and 47 at -31415|4116150.
> see attached screenshot. the two coords you posted are the two
> triangles. (d.mark addon)
> as for if the wx query tool will show you attribute data for
> both overlapping points (like QGIS does), I don't know.
> the wx digitizer has a threshold option for snapping, there
> doesn't seem to be a similar mouse-proximity adjustment for
> the query tool. maybe that doesn't need an adjustment, just a
> change from 10px to 5px (even better if it could deal with diff't
> screen DPIs)
> Hamish
> ps- background (etopo1) is a bit crude as r.in.onearth stopped
> working again/JPL changed their tiled WMS again?
> pps- er, the vector query tool defaults to edit mode?<lagos.png>

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