[GRASS-dev] Fwd: [GRASS-SVN] r56709 - grass/branches/develbranch_6/raster/r.li/r.li.setup

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 15 03:09:36 PDT 2013

Markus Neteler wrote:
> this one looks like an urgent backport candidate for me?
> I think that one of my doctorate students just complained to
> me that digitizing failed for him (I need to ask).
> In any case, this should go then into relbranch64 before it
> is forgotten (and it is also more relevnt than the other r.li
> cleanup fixes done in dev6branch.
> What do you think?

Hi Markus,

that was just a first commit of a bigger r.li cleanup which I have
started locally but not yet committed to the dev branches. I wanted
to commit those various small fixes now to get them out of the way
since my 'svn diff' was getting a bit cluttered. I am not surprised
things failed really, to work well it will still need some commits I
haven't made yet (I am just working through the code so far: completely
untested), e.g. for that r.digit call related to the circle.txt file
in the commit it will need the output map name passed on the command
line since I changed r.digit into a "normal" G_parser() module 7+ years

For grass7 there is Luca's g.gui.rlisetup.py (I am not totally
convinced about the g.gui.* naming), I am just keeping the raster/r.li
r.li.setup dir in sync to avoid older code being in the "newer"
branches. Much of r.li.setup will be deleted in trunk eventually since
it needs Xmons, tcl/tk, shell scripts, etc. and is replaced by the
wxPy version.

So I think r.li.setup is too much broken to worry about for 6.4.3; I
look to make one fix and see three more. Let's get 6.4.3 out the door
asap and keep an improved r.li as a goal for 6.4.4. I looked at the
list of r.li bugs in the trac system earlier, it is in need of some
care. AFAICT it's nothing fatal, just many small fixes to work through.


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