[GRASS-dev] GRASS 6.4.3 release planning

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 15 05:45:39 PDT 2013

Hamish wrote:
> status update time,

no blockers, critical bugs triaged, AFAICT we're good to go.

> the main two remaining from my perspective are GRASS_PYTHON
> in env.bat

For wingrass GRASS_PYTHON in env.bat is now set in all branches
to C:\Program Files\GRASS\etc\extrabin\python.exe, and PYTHONPATH
similarly. So no more startup errors because those two are
different, but it doesn't help if you want matplotlib or some
other feature from a parallel system-wide install. Also it's
unknown how .py associated system-wide by a generic python
install will interact.  fingers crossed.

> and the d.mon Cairo lockup from wxGUI.

It seems the G_spawn() in d.mon will need to be changed to a
G_spawn_ex() + extra signal/pipe handling. It is both a bit
beyond what I know well, and such a critical module that I would
not risk to make changes to it in the releasebranch days before
release. So hopefully can be fixed asap in devbr6 and backported
for 6.4.4 after the 6.4.3 release.  For now I have commented out
the cairo driver from the wxGUI preferences page in relbr64, so
the bug will not be triggered.

> >  #1428: still some missing some dlls
> We'll have to wait and see how many people complain about
> missing msvcr80.dll and msvcr90.dll, and direct them to the
> .NET Frameworks package. But it should be fewer than
> before..
> Users stuck behind a proxy server may still have a bad time
> trying to download the MS runtimes. NSIS expert needed to
> solve that one. (a real issue for students at my univ., but
> not a general blocker IMO)

fingers crossed..

> > #1971: r.in.bin: fix LFS support in G_ftell()
> done, ready to go. (I hope)

fingers crossed..

> > #1952: package 'more.exe' with msys (pager for g.list)
> >         (also +tac.exe +seq.exe +xml2.exe and
> >> #1275 (about zip.exe)

These apparently take some work, so will wait until Martin has
more time; they're not critical, we'll get them next time.

I've got local standalone .exe versions of all the core unix
powertools from back in the DJGPP days, they could be added into
the wingrass package as an extra step if needed. They are a
little bit old but because we stay compatible with the SUS for
MacOSX they should all work even without the latest new features.

> > #854: building addons on Mac

Michael reports r.fuzzy building ok on 6.4. (but broken in trunk)

> > #: go through changelog for "new and fix" bullet
> > points, add to trac wiki page
> > #: write the 6.4.3 release announcement and press release
> todo.


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