[GRASS-dev] latest snapshot G7 crashes on windows 7

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 16 14:40:17 PDT 2013

> today with a friend we tried to install the latest snapshot
> of G7 on windows 7 on his computer. The installation
> went apparently smooth, but eventually at the start
> the program crashed. Since I don't have idea on where
> to check for error logs in windows I wasn't able to
> check the error in order to report it properly, and
> also the black window appeared for a fraction of second
> and disappeared. Any idea on where to look for hints?


I just tested grass7 with the latest nightly snapshot on XP, starts
ok for me.

if you open a cmd.exe window, and right click -> properties on the
desktop icon, at the C:\> prompt do a little cut and paste to
cd into the startup dir, then cut and paste the "target" startup

then when it fails you get a chance to see the error without the
window disappearing.


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