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Tim Bailey timibly at gmail.com
Sat Jun 22 07:14:53 PDT 2013

Tim Bailey
Horizon Based Interpolation module for GRASS
Google Summer of Code Week 1 check in
Friday, June 21 2013

Hi everyone,

During this first week of coding I have been working on input
specifications for the horizon descriptions interpolation module. Several
early technical challenges emerged. The process for importing horzons turns
out to be a bit confounding. Generating input from horizon databases turns
out to be non-trivial task. I have done an informal survey of every
geologist and soil scientist that I know concerning how they store horizon
datasets. In addition I have inspected the storage specifications for
several public soils database formats.

 In parallel to the programming project I have been building three
sandboxes to test the methods developed in this project. One is a site
level wetland delineation. Another is a database of geotechnical borehole
logs that Bob Moskovitz of the California Geologic Survey provided. The
third is a random Natural Resources Conservation Service survey subset.

My work product next week is going to focus on the interpolation module.
The abstract workflow for the module as whole is as follows

 *Process for generation of r3 voxel grid from a population of xy located 1
dimensional horizon descriptions*


   *Import of database horizon descriptions*

   *Generation of line vector representing the path of the horizon
   description in xyz*

   *Segmentation of the line vector into n number xyz points*

   *query of attribute values to points from attribute database*

   *Generation of r3 region *

   *Interpolation of point attribute values through geostatistical and/or
   logical operators onto voxel grid locations*

After extensive consultation with my programming mentor Ben Ducke, I am now
moving on to the interpolation of vector attributes to voxel cells. One
point that Ben articulated was that the interpolation assignment needs to
be capable of operating on integer data so that it can work on

Best wishes on this first day of summer.

Tim Bailey
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