[GRASS-dev] GSOC Horizon based stratigraphy wk2 checkin

Tim Bailey timibly at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 02:18:17 PDT 2013

Tim Bailey

GSOC Week 2 Check in

An Implementation of Horizon based Stratigraphy for GRASS7

Hello everyone,

This week I am checking in a bit early because I am heading to the
California Forest Soils Council meeting in a matter of hours.

This week I developed a workspace based on prior wetland mapping of a
tidally influenced salt marsh in the Northeast corner of Humboldt Bay, in
Northwest California. I went through each of the r3 modules to examine the
current capabilities. In addition I have been continuing to develop
workspaces, focused on subsurface geologic structures in Simi Valley, and
Mountain View California.

One of the issues that is emerging are the irregularities in how the
borehole logs were recorded. I spent a significant amount of time tracking
down published research covering the conversations on the Grass Dev
listserve about

I looked into ordinal logistic regression, as well as Tprogs for handling
attribute data. Several of the published Ore body assays, quantified z
anisotropy compared to xy. In addition I have continued to work on a
generalized solution for subsurface structures from p wave first arrivals
on seismic surveys.

Next week my primary task is going to be to settle and code on the voxel
assignment operator.

Finally I have come up with a bit of branding. Since r.horizon is already
being used by a viewshed module I propose that my module to be named
r3.strata. Kind of nice ring to it.

Tim Bailey
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