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#1997: i.landsat.toar for grass-dev is missing the option for landsat8
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Comment(by nikosa):

 Replying to [comment:6 vesnikos]:
 > some minor bugs during my tests:

 > 2) Band8 (panchomatic) has my nature 15m res. The algorithm uses the
 regions resolution , and you cannot do anything to override it.

 You can set the region resolution to the desired one!  In my scripts I do
 that.  Maybe in this case an exception could be done and let the module
 handle this?

 > 3) timestamp in r.info reads none, the date of acquisition  is in the
 metadata, so it should  be properly implemented

 This would be also nice!

 > eg: r.timestamp map=LC81840322013143LGN03_B10.toarr.1 date="$(date
 -d'$DATE_ACQUIRED $SCENE_CENTER_TIME' -u +'%d %b %Y %H:%M:%S.%N %z')"

 You can get the date using

 i.landsat.toar -p metfile=MTLFile.txt lsatmet=date

 and the ''decimal'' time

 i.landsat.toar -p metfile=MTLFile.txt lsatmet=time

 though, the "input_prefix=Dummy" and "output_prefix=Dummy" must be

 For the records, if you import Landsat bands using the script found in
 [http://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/LANDSAT#Automated_data_import], the
 timestamp is set correctly.  However, i.landsat.toar does not take care to
 copy this over.  Even, the right way would be to grep the info from the
 MTL file directly.

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