[GRASS-dev] Grass parallelization

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Thanks Soren.

Do you know if there is much interest in greater parallelization?  And have the Intel compilers and MPI been used with GRASS?


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Hi Don,
you may have a look at:

What i know personally:
We have shared memory parallelization implemented in the grass
mathematical library (gmath) and partial differential equation library
(gpde) using OpenMP. Blas level 2 and 3 functions as well as many
direct and iterative linear equation solver are parallelized as well
as the creation of linear equation systems. Several modules make use
of these libraries.

Pthreads are used to parallelize parts of r.mapcalc.

IIRC there are MPI parallelized versions of several GRASS modules
available in the internet, but not directly in GRASS. :)

We have parallelization on process level without message passing, by
simply running several processes on different data in parallel.
Several modules of the GRASS GIS Temporal Framework in GRASS7 make use
of this approach and of course the grid engine -> cluster

Cloud level parallelization using web service WPS is available because
GRASS7 can be run as WPS backend.

Best regards

2013/8/30 Gunning, Don <don.gunning at intel.com>:
> Can someone discuss the state of shared and distributed memory
> parallelization of GRASS?
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