[GRASS-dev] [GRASS-SVN] r61619 - in grass-addons/grass7/gui/wxpython/wx.metadata: . g.gui.metadata

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 11:10:22 PDT 2014

On Thu, Aug 14, 2014 at 11:10 AM, Martin Landa <landa.martin at gmail.com>

> the current wx.metadata's Makefiles are very far away from an ideal
> solution. Feel free to improve them... Martin

This is what I meant by #2132, I don't have any idea what to do with
Makefiles nor if the current handling of addons directories is final, good,
or just something which is supposed to work only for simple cases. Sorry, I
cannot help here much now since I know neither the way nor the goal.
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