[GRASS-dev] Tabs and spaces in C code

Hamish hamish.webmail at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 03:16:14 PDT 2014

Vaclav wrote:
> What do you think?

IMO it's just fine how it is now. I'm quite fond of it with 4 columns
per indentation level and 8 spaces as a tab actually. I would ask to
please not mess with it.

I find all spaces for a 8-column tab in C to be quite wasteful in both
disk space and scrolling time, and thus ugly, not to mention pointless
-- Python cares about whitespace, C does not. Do not apply Python
conventions to C code, and do not ask people to make adjustments to
their text editor.

Please let's focus our energies on the many open bugs in the trac'er
instead of fixing things which are not broken. e.g. WinGrass needs all
the time we can give to it to solve the last 2% of its problems.


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