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#2258: t.create creates DB always in the PERMANENT
 Reporter:  martinl      |       Owner:  grass-dev@…              
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 Priority:  blocker      |   Milestone:  7.0.0                    
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Changes (by hamish):

  * priority:  normal => blocker


 This is a serious design flaw.

 GRASS modules should NEVER expect to be able to write outside their own
 mapset directory tree.

 Mentioning the t.connect work around and internal checks are certainly
 helpful, but does not solve the underlying problem. Mapsets must be self-

 One way is to have it fail-over into a sqlite db in the current mapset dir
 tree. But really that needs to be the default, and so we need a way for
 the various mapsets made accessible by g.access to connect, share, and mix
 their sqlite dbs in memory, without blocking of two parallel grass
 sessions running in the same common location at the same time.

 > The reason is that sqlite does not support the merging of different
 > files at runtime.

 Then we'll have to figure out some other way.. there must be a solution,
 even if it is working with the python sqlite people to make their code
 work the way we need it to, which would have the secondary effect of
 helping many other projects too.

 Or maybe we can figure out some clever work around on our own- perhaps a
 module to (re)scan other available mapsets' temporal sqlite dbs and write
 out a local summary into $MAPSET/.tmp/, even as a flat text file if need

 I've just come across this starting g.gui.animation from the main menu in
 OSGeoLive 8.0 after installing GRASS 7 with the "install_grass7" script
 from a terminal (* run that as a regular user, no sudo).

 sorry, but we've got to fix this. :-/


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