[GRASS-dev] New addon: v.centerline

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Aug 29 10:05:13 PDT 2014


I just added a new module to the GRASS7 addons [1] which I called 
v.centerline. It is somewhat of an experimental module and I invite 
anyone with other ideas of how to solve this problem to add to the module.

Below a description of the module and the two implemented algorithms.

Enjoy !



v.centerline creates a new map with a line representing an approximation 
of the central tendency of a series of input lines. This can for 
example, be the central line of a river represented by its two sides, or 
a line representing the general direction of a series of flight paths, 

Two algorithms are proposed in the module, both based on the idea of 
using a reference line, creating a series of reference points along this 
line and then finding the coordinates of corresponding points on all the 
input lines. The default algorithm uses closest distance to identify 
corresponding points, while the second algorithm draws perpendicular 
transversals at the reference points and uses the intersections of these 
transversals with the other lines as corresponding points.


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