[GRASS-dev] Installing MS DLLs failed because of 404

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 08:23:58 PDT 2014


at two MS Windows machines we had a problem that installation of MS runtime
libraries during GRASS installation failed. GRASS was not able to run then
even though installer linked at GRASS wiki [1] says that libraries are

At least at one of the machines the error in GRASS installer log was
something like "HTTP 404 Not found". However, downloading the file manually
works (I determined the URL from installer source code [2]). Then we run
the the exe files and copied dlls as the installer is doing [3]. And GRASS

Of course, on other computer on the same network the download works well.
Do you have the any idea why download would fail? Antivirus? The computers
have different system configuration but the antivirus program might be the

Also do you think that the steps from the installer should go to the wiki
[1]. The tar.bz2 would be bit unfortunate in this case and we might want to
ask for adding there zip/7z too.


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