[GRASS-dev] Weekly report 4: Testing framework for GRASS GIS

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 19:56:20 PDT 2014

1. What did you get done this week?

This week I was not able to work on GSoC as I planed because I needed to
focus on other things, some of them GRASS-related. Most importantly, I was
working on the GRASS FOSS4G workshop. Specifically, I was working on the
format and technology to show examples and procedures in different
languages (I'm not yet ready to publish the examples). In the relation to
GSoC, I hope that the format I've designed will enable creation of tests
based on materials like this which was one of my ideas for the alternative
use cases for testing framework. By chance I also found a code quality
evaluation tool, pep257, which is similar to pep8 but checks the style of

2. What do you plan on doing next week?

I will try to make advances in comparison of raster and vector maps. There
are different alternatives how maps can be compared ranging from check sums
of raster map's files to text-based comparison of exports of vector maps.

The plan for week five was rewriting some of the existing tests to the new
format. But I already have some tests created in previous weeks and I'm
writing tests for the framework itself, so I have enough material to work

3. Are you blocked on anything?

My weekly plan got delayed but I hope to catch up the schedule in the next
two weeks.


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