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#1719: GRASS 7 Monitor command line support
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Comment(by glynn):

 Replying to [comment:27 hamish]:

 > We want to use the d.* commands on a real command line without the GUI,
 as is done with Xmons in earlier GRASSes. So in a separate, super light-
 weight window with no toolbar or other visual clutter. Just a command line
 and a viewport window. i.e. enhance something similar to ximgview or
 wximgview with a right click menu for minimal interactivity.
 > See comment:4 and d.mon2.py in grass7 addons for a partial hack of
 making it a bit easier to achieve this.

 An alternative approach is to modify D_open_driver() to allow display
 commands to be "redirected". E.g. if the environment variable
 GRASS_RENDER_COMMAND is set, D_open_driver() would treat its value as the
 name of a program. It would execute the specified program with the
 original command line (program name and arguments) as arguments, then

 Such a program would typically be a "remote control" program which sends
 the command line (via DDE, TCP, or whatever) to a display server (which
 could be wxGUI or something simpler).

 The main reason for delegating to an external command is that it avoids
 enforcing a specific communication protocol, or embedding the details into
 lib/display, which would be an issue for high-level protocols such as
 Windows' DDE or Python's pickle format.

 Display commands which are implemented as scripts using other d.* commands
 would need to implement this mechanism themselves, so that the display
 server "sees" the original script, not the individual d.* commands.

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