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#2473: v.net connection operation
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 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  7.0.0                    
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 Hi all,

 I'm not able to connect points with the nearest line segment in a line
 vector using v.net.

 v.net connects a line vector with the points in a point vector file. The
 connection process follows the category progress so the output is not the
 fittest solution for a network distance analysis as the one I need to

 Following, the commands to reproduce the issue in nc_spm_08_grass7:

 g.region vect=roadsmajor
 v.mkgrid map=points_grid -p position=region grid=20,20
 v.net input=roadsmajor points=points_grid out=roads_to_points
 operation=connect threshold=5000 --o


 d.mon wx0
 d.vect roads_to_points
 d.vect points_grid col=red display=cat


 Is there a way to connect each point to the nearest original road segment?


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