[GRASS-dev] Adding a suffix for output raster map names

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Fri Nov 14 07:18:42 PST 2014

Nikos Alexandris wrote:

>> Using the following in a python script's header:
>> #%option
>> #% key: outputsuffix
>> #% key_desc: suffix string
>> #% type: string
>> #% description: Suffix for the Pan-Sharpened image(s)
>> #% required: yes
>> #% answer: hpf
>> #%end

>> and somewhere in the script the following:
>> run("g.rename", rast=(tmp_msx_hpf,"%s.%s" % (msx, outputsuffix)))
>> works fine in the command line. Testing the modules wx-GUI (G70), 
>> doesn't
>> play nice. For exampe, the following WARNING (error) appears:
>> WARNING: Illegal filename <12DEC02053035.blue at python_scripting.hpf>.
>> Character <@> not allowed.
>> WARNING: <12DEC02053035.blue at python_scripting.hpf> is an illegal 
>> file name

>> The "suffix" is added after the Mapset's name(string). Is there no 
>> option
>> to "fix" this? Should I "fix" this in my code directly, i.e. take 
>> the
>> string, split-off the Mapset-part, put in the suffix and add the 
>> Mapset's
>> name in the end?

Anna Petrášová wrote:

> I would say you have to expect that your input map may have mapset, 
> test
> it, split if necessary and add suffix to the map name, but you might 
> not
> need to add the mapset again to the name.

Thanks Anna.

Is there a pygrass function to isolate the a raster map's basename from 
the Mapset part? Looking for it...


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