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#2497: Incompatile PostGIS Topology export
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 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  7.0.0                    
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 I've tried exporting topology to PostGIS with v.out.postgis -l and the
 result was not correct.

 First there was no record in TOPOSCHEMA.relation so that all the literal
 TopoGeometry values (written in the output feature layer) result empty.

 Second all the calls to ST_GetFaceGeometry() return a null value, which
 I've yet to inspect/understand. All I noticed so far was that there were
 many negative face_id, which don't really have any special meaning in
 PostGIS/ISO (there's no difference between an area or an island, you only
 have faces, with roles being dependent on the upper abstraction level of
 the TopoGeometry).

 Unfortunately, topology.ValidateTopology doesn't notice any of these
 problems (this would be a PostGIS bug).

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