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#2437: order parameters in g.remove window
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Comment(by glynn):

 Replying to [comment:10 hcho]:

 > which can be misleading because it doesn't take multiple pattern
 strings, but it only takes multiple map names and a single pattern string.

 There seems to be two problems here.

 One is that the meaning of pattern=/exclude= may change depending upon
 whether -r/-e are used. I thought that we had already learned that making
 the semantics of one option change according to the value given for other
 options is a bad idea.

 The other is that there seems to be confusion over the meaning of
 pattern=/exclude= in the absence of -r/-e. Is it a list of map names, or a
 glob pattern? It can't be both unless both G_parser() and the GUI
 recognise "list of map names or string" as a distinct type. "list of map
 names" won't allow the use of glob patterns because G_parser() will
 complain about illegal characters and "string" won't work insofar as the
 GUI won't provide a browser interface for it.

 One solution would be to add a separate option (e.g. names=) which accepts
 multiple valid map names, mark pattern= and names= as mutually exclusive.
 names= would support multiple options and some form of browsing, pattern=
 would be a plain string. Similarly for exclusion.

 Another solution would be rename g.remove to e.g. g.mremove, remove the
 pretence about pattern=/exclude= being something other than "arbitrary
 string", and add a g.remove script which would be a thin wrapper around
 g.mremove (possibly the only difference would be to re-declare the types
 of the pattern=/exclude= options).

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