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#2437: order parameters in g.remove window
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 Keywords:  g.list, g.remove, g.mlist, g.mremove  |    Platform:  All                      
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Comment(by hcho):

 Replying to [comment:24 annakrat]:
 > I changed the layout in r62405. I moved options names, type and flag -f
 into one guisection Basic. Some feedback is welcome.
 > Also, do we really need option ignore? Isn't exclude option enough?

 Just like {{{pattern=}}} and {{{names=}}}, {{{exclude=}}} takes a glob or
 regex pattern while {{{ignore=}}} takes a list of names. For example,
 {{{exclude=a?}}} and {{{ignore=a?}}} are different. {{{ignore=a?}}} is
 expanded to a glob pattern {{{a\?}}}. Also, in GUI, multiple map selection
 cannot be supported for {{{exclude=}}} (a single string option), which was
 the main reason why {{{names=}}} and {{{ignore=}}} were added initially. I
 think both {{{names=}}} and {{{ignore=}}} are useful in GUI.

 > Another suggestion is to use -f only for pattern option. When using
 names, it wouldn't require force flag for the actual removing of the maps.
 Any opinion on that?

 IMO, that's not a good idea because of inconsistent behaviors. If we want
 any confirmation when using patterns, the force flag should be used if
 "any" of {{{pattern=}}} or {{{exclude=}}} is used.
 # Patterns used => use -f flag
 g.remove -f rast pattern=... exclude=...
 g.remove -f rast pattern=... ignore=...
 g.remove -f rast names=... exclude=...

 # No patterns used => no -f flag; this is inconsistent and can be
 confusing when using patterns.
 g.remove rast names=... ignore=...

 If it's annoying to run g.remove GUI twice, what about this? In a single
 GUI run, show output and ask the user if they want to delete them.

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