[GRASS-dev] Dead code

Glynn Clements glynn at gclements.plus.com
Thu Oct 30 00:40:15 PDT 2014

Markus Neteler wrote:

> > The following directories contain code but aren't built:
> >
> >         display/d.colors
> --> some updates in r62458 but AFAIR the curses support got dropped,
> so trash d.colors? Or move to addons?
> >         display/d.extract
> --> likely obsolete. Trash it or move to Addons?
> >         display/d.measure
> --> likely obsolete. Trash it or move to Addons?
> >         display/d.what.rast
> >         display/d.what.vect
> --> likely obsolete. Replaced with Python scripts in scripts/. Trash
> both or move to Addons?
> >         display/d.zoom
> --> likely obsolete. Trash it or move to Addons?

Trash. I can't see these being resurrected in anything like their
existing form. Any replacements would presumably be in Python/wx.

> >         general/g.pnmcat
> --> "Concatenate PNM tiles into a single image, was used by NVIZ". No idea.

Presumably the wxPython replacement doesn't need it, so remove.

> >         general/g.setproj
> --> lacking G_ask_datum_name(). Trash it or move to Addons?

Are the replacements sufficient? g.setproj had a lot of logic for
dealing with the relationships between various parameters. Has that
been incorporated into the GUI? Is it unnecessary? Or does everyone
just use EPSG codes now?

> >         imagery/i.class
> --> likely obsolete. Replaced with g.gui.iclass. Trash it or move to Addons?

It looks like Martin has already answered that one.

> >         imagery/i.points
> >         imagery/i.vpoints
> -->  uses unsupported curses, so trash or move to Addons? ( I think trash)

Trash. Anything that uses curses and R_get_location_with_* as a GUI is
never going to work with 7.x, and any replacement will likely be
written in Python.

> >         raster/r.digit
> --> no idea

Same issue as d.* and i.* modules above. Trash.

> >         vector/v.label.sa
> --> lacks find_font_from_freetypecap().

That could probably be fixed easily enough. But it probably shouldn't
be dealing with FreeType directly. I'd suggest using the display API,
specifically D_get_text_box() rather than trying to calculate a

Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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