[GRASS-dev] wingrass daily buidls + addons temporary down

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 12:56:04 PST 2015


2015-12-11 17:20 GMT+01:00 Martin Landa <landa.martin at gmail.com>:
> winGRASS daily builds and addons (http://wingrass.fsv.cvut.cz) will be
> temporary down due to moving building environment from mingw to
> mingw-w64. Please stay tuned.

since today you can start testing 64bit daily builds via standalone
installer (*) [1,2] or through OSGeo4W [3] (`grass-daily`) package. I
also drop dependency on MSYS. So no MSYS installed together with

There are still several open issues:

* GRASS binaries are a bit bigger (39MB vs 49MB compressed). This
difference is caused by bigger exe GRASS files (not sure why, will
investigate later **)
* 64bit Windows installer is 20MB compressed smaller that 32bit (it's
cause by different Python packages in OSGeo4W)
* GRASS Addons are still down (will work on them in the next days)

But it's ready for testing! Enjoy and please report issues;-) Ma

(*) If you have GRASS already installed, please uninstall first from
control panel and then install GRASS 64bit (you need to uninstall
separately otherwise 64bit GRASS will be installed in 'Program Files
(x86)` rather then 'Program Files`).
(**) GRASS packages are now build using mingw32-w64 toolchain using MSYS2 [4]

[1] http://wingrass.fsv.cvut.cz/x86_64/grass71/
[2] http://wingrass.fsv.cvut.cz/x86_64/grass70/
[3] http://download.osgeo.org/osgeo4w/osgeo4w-setup-x86_64.exe
[4] https://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/CompileOnWindows#InstalltheMSYS2directorystructure

Martin Landa

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