[GRASS-dev] Unifing naming of 3D rasters

Vaclav Petras wenzeslaus at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 21:05:27 PST 2015


I've tried to unify usage of "3D raster (map)" in the most visible parts of
documentation and interface, namely 3D raster intro, 3D view and menu (and
module tree).

There are few things missing. For example, keyword link is dead because it
goes to "raster3d.html" but the family page is "raster3D.html". All
occurrences of "raster3D", including the one in PyGRASS, should be probably
replaced by "raster3d" or another appropriate form (3D raster or raster_3d).

Also in toolboxes, the names of toolboxes still contain volume, this should
be just find and replace but I cannot test it properly tonight, so changed
just the user visible strings. (Note that XML attribute value cannot start
with number.)

There is a lot of different terminology in documentation of modules and
then there is also v.vol.rst module but this one might be the exception.

Please see the commits for details. Proof reading welcome.


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