[GRASS-dev] Managing temperature logger data in GRASS 7

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Fri Jan 16 02:25:36 PST 2015

Dear devs,

In my institute several colleagues use (different types of) temperature logger in order to collect primary temperature data with more relevance for local vegetation than the coarse air temperature data we get from our meteorological institute.

Different types of loggers are used in different projects with different purposes, for different time periods, at different places, measuring different parameters (some measure temperature in Farenheit, others in Celsius, some collect also lux, others humidity)...

Nevertheless I would like to collect all data (also data of that kind we will collect in future) in one DB, which will have at least three interlinked tables:

1)      One (non-spatial) table describing the projects (which have several logger placed with a given purpose)

2)      One (spatial) table describing the different logger

3)      One (non-spatial) table containing the "real time series" with different parameters measured.
Between 2 and 3 we probably need another layer with sampling periods (because loggers may be slightly (and spatially insignificantly) moved which may have an effect on measurements...), but I hope this can be avoided...

For the technical solution I am considering two alternatives:

What I have in mind is an interface for managing the data for the three named tables where the interface for 3) mainly is meant for importing data from the different temperature logger used (here I will get various raw-data formats).
My current preference would be to use GRASS because of the TGIS concept. However, I would have to acquaint myself a bit more with the concept of STVDS as I up to now mainly worked with STRDS! As you can imagine the data will be rather fragmented (from a space-time-perspective) which makes me unsure if they really are suitable for TGIS...

Anyway, my question is: Anyone interested in such a "temperature-logger feature" in GRASS 7 (however that may look like in the end) who would be willing to give me feedback on or help developing the concept and possibly assist when I meet challenges which I cannot overcome myself?
Or would you advise me not try to get data with such varying characteristics into one DB (because it would be a rather significant job)?

For the interested: I could provide some example data...

All the best,

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