[GRASS-dev] Making start of GRASS GIS easier for newcomers

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Fri Jan 23 09:44:43 PST 2015

Yann Chemin wrote:

>> > hmm that would be cool !
>> > running r(v).in.* without GISDBASE or Location or mapset could 
>> trigger a
>> > wizard to set them up...

Markus Metz:

>> This is the current location wizard.

>> The original topic was import and on-the-fly reprojection without 
>> the
>> need to create a new location. This can be easily done by either a 
>> new
>> script that calls r.in.gdal/v.in.ogr + r.proj/v.proj which creates 
>> the
>> new location internally and deletes it when done, or a wizard doing
>> the same thing. The user does not even notice that a temporary
>> location was created. Sextante for example works this way.

Margherita Di Leo wrote:

> This would be lovely to have! Perhaps using ogr2ogr / gdalwarp before
> importing would be even faster.

That would be a Huge time-saver.  Thanks, Nikos

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