[GRASS-dev] Making start of GRASS GIS easier for newcomers

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Jan 30 01:50:40 PST 2015

On 29/01/15 17:43, Vaclav Petras wrote:
> On the MS Windows installer takes care of that by copying demo Location
> to newly created grassdata dir in Documents and creating the rc file. Is
> this enough? If not why? And do we want to do something similar for
> cases when installation is not done by GRASS GIS? If startup detects no
> grassdata it could just create the dir and copy the demo Location there,
> so the only thing needed is to press Start button.

Don't forget that in many GNU/Linux distributions data is separated from 
applications in the packaging. So, either we have to tell users to 
install a specific data package (e.g. grass-demodata) or the startup 
screen needs a button: "Download and unpack demo data".


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