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Wed Nov 11 17:55:22 PST 2015

#2571: Pattern Flag addition to v.patch
  Reporter:  3DTOPO      |      Owner:  grass-dev@…
      Type:              |     Status:  new
  enhancement            |
  Priority:  normal      |  Milestone:  7.1.0
 Component:  Vector      |    Version:  unspecified
Resolution:              |   Keywords:  v.patch, file option, multiple
       CPU:              |  input
  Unspecified            |   Platform:  Unspecified
Changes (by wenzeslaus):

 * keywords:  v.patch => v.patch, file option, multiple input
 * milestone:  7.0.0 => 7.1.0


 G7:r.colors and G7:r.series have option `file` which is an alternative to
 `map` and `input` options. It is a path to a text file with names of
 raster maps, one map per line. This is simple and solves the problem,
 although the naming could be more clear.

 I'm not sure how this should work for vector. Particularly, what to with
 layers? Should the format be something like the following?

 native_vect_name_a 1
 native_vect_name_b 1
 native_vect_name_c 5

 Should the layer be optional? So for layer one (that's the usual default):


 It would be up to the module to define if the default layer is something
 else, same as with options.

 The OGR direct access would require (as far as I understand):

 file_path/file_name_a at OGR file_name_a
 file_path/file_name_b at OGR file_name_b
 file_path/file_name_c at OGR file_name_c

 Does this sound reasonable? Will the formats work always?

 Comparing to the proposed pattern solution, this should cover more cases
 and it should be better for programming. However, it requires G7:g.list
 call first in non-programming most cases. Anyway, if I remember correctly,
 this was discussed on mailing list and the result was usage of text file.

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