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Wed Nov 25 10:38:44 PST 2015

#2811: Reduce number of Start menu shortcuts on MS Windows
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  friendly, WinGRASS                             |        CPU:  Unspecified
 Platform:  MSWindows 8                          |
 Typing "grass" on Win 8 and Win 10 gives 4 entries for one installed GRASS
 GIS version. The entries are:

 * GRASS GIS Website
 * GRASS GIS Release Notes

 The actual order is usually much worse than what is above, so it is pretty
 hard to find the think user wants to use.

 I suggest to leave just the "GRASS GIS GUI" entry. The Release Notes link
 doesn't go to any release notes anyway. If we want to promote the Website
 link we can put it to the Help menu in GUI as many other projects do. And
 the CLI-only version is not really need. If somebody want to use CLI-only
 GRASS, he or she is already using Linux.

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