[GRASS-dev] hacking configure for gettext

Michael Barton Michael.Barton at asu.edu
Wed Jun 1 13:56:42 PDT 2016

I would like GRASS to use gettext that is installed in a location NOT in the standard /usr/local... I have no problem building gettext in such a location but I am having problems telling GRASS where to find it.

The configure switch to enable gettext is --with-nls. I've tried adding additional arguments

--with-nls-includes="/Users/cmbarton/grass_source/gettext/gettext_dist/include" --with-nls-libs="/Users/cmbarton/grass_source/gettext/gettext_dist/lib"

to tell GRASS where to find gettext but these do not seem to do the trick.

Can someone familiar with the build system suggest how to specify where to find gettext or now to modify configure so that GRASS can find gettext in this other location?

The reason for this is twofold. It makes for cleaner compiling and updating if I can keep GRASS dependencies out of my system files. It is also needed to avoid the SIP problem on the current Mac OS. The more dependencies that can be bundled with GRASS that do not link to system folders, the better.

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