[GRASS-dev] vector legend implementation

Veronica Andreo veroandreo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 11:54:19 PDT 2016

ops! Forgot the list...

Hello Anna,


GUI takes the series of d.vect commands and turns it into a text file in
> format:
> symbol color1 color2 size width text
> the legend symbols would be always the GRASS symbols, so even line,
> areas would be symbols. We would add new symbols for lines and areas,
> for example straight and crooked line, some irregular shape for areas.
> color1 is outline color
> color2 is fill color
> size is symbol size
> width is line width
> text is legend label

Would it be possible to also have font and fontsize for the text part?

> so for example:
> legend/line red none 5 2 State border
> then each line of the legend will be drawn with d.graph.
> [...]

What about the name?
> d.vect.legend (like t.vect.list)

+1 (following d.vect.thematic and d.vect.chart) - this would imply to
change d.legend to d.rast.legend perhaps

I can't give any opinion regarding the most important issues, though...
sooory :-P

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