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#3081: Add text after labels in d.legend
 Reporter:  wenzeslaus             |      Owner:  grass-dev@…
     Type:  defect                 |     Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                  |  Milestone:  7.3.0
Component:  Display                |    Version:  unspecified
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 Platform:  Unspecified            |
 Now G7:d.legend can show only the numbers for a given values and it looks
 like this:

 |  | 150
 |  | 100
 |  | 50
 |  | 0

 I would like to attach a unit to each number, i.e. show the value and its
 units, something like this:

 |  | 150 m
 |  | 100 m
 |  | 50 m
 |  | 0 m

 The unit can/could be taken from raster map units (i.e. what G7:r.info
 gives) but I need to specify units manually because the unit is not always
 written in the metadata or it it not in the right form. Examples include
 degrees (deg, °) and percents (percentages, %).

 The question is how to deal with the space between the number and the text
 (unit). Different languages (and fields) has different standards, so there
 should be probably a flag which would do it or the spaces would be just
 provided as part of the label (which might be less clear especially in the
 command line).

 This applies just to continuous data but I don't see a reason to somehow
 disable this behavior for categorical legends.

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