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#3033: Cairo and PS drivers display only one raster or vector for SVG and PS
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  Priority:  major       |  Milestone:  7.2.0
 Component:  Display     |    Version:  svn-trunk
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Comment (by kuszinger):


 Starting from the utf-8 ps.map problem I arrived to the very same issues
 your are talking about here.
 I think that PS (PDF) output is essential when print is the final target.
 I happened to me quite often so I worked with ps.map (manual assembly of
 ps-map command files, no gui, but this is my taste only). When talking ps
 embedded font or even glyphs converted to paths (lines, strokes, whatever
 you call them) is also essential for quality. Also, lines as lines, vector
 as vector. I never missed opacity options in final products however I like
 it on screen visualizations.

 Creating ps layers and merge them would be enough for me in case of utf-8
 handling and font->path conversion.

 Until then I started to create some scripts which runs well and generates
 bitmap. I chose oversampling (600dpi) for 300 dpi target. But this is not
 for a book, so print quality (=unlimited zoom and vector where possible)
 is not essential.

 I'd take part in any effort to make good PS output solution. I'll also
 share my bitmap map generator once it is good enough.

 What does 'good enough' means: I'd like to make it read workspace files
 since compositions are already there, so no double effort is necessary.
 Input will be: workspace file, target layout (landscape A4 for example) a
 saved region and a dpi value. Options and gui later...

 It will create one or more BMP fileas at a given resolution also applying
 opacity as set in the workspace file and then merge them into one file. At
 this point I use imagemagick. It is available on all platforms as far as I

 Anyway, I wanted to add one vote for PS output enhancement...

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