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#3085: Batch import with import raster data tool does not recognize projection
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 Importing using the Import raster data (menu: file - import raster data -
 common formats import) works as advertised when importing a file. However,
 when trying to import a batch of rasters in a directory, the
 'reprojection' screen is shown, with the message that 'projection of
 following layers do not match with projection of current location
 (followed by a list of all layers in that directory).

 I have had this issue with layers from various data sets, including last
 data from the Africlim
 (https://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Global_datasets#Africlim_maps) data set,
 which are latlon (wgs84) layers with identical coordinate system header
 (using gdalinfo).

 To reproduce this, one can export the raster layers from the NC sample
 data set, and then import them all in once using the import raster data

 g.region raster=soils
 r.out.gdal input=soils output=/home/paulo/Desktop/test/soils.tif
 r.out.gdal input=landuse output=/home/paulo/Desktop/test/landuse.tif
 r.out.gdal input=geology output=/home/paulo/Desktop/test/geology.tif
 r.out.gdal input=elevation output=/home/paulo/Desktop/test/elevation.tif


 Now, when importing them, the same warning is shown (see screenshot)

 I am running grass 7.3dev r68774 (but I have experienced the same with
 many previous revisions) on Ubuntu 14.04.

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