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#3035: r.support sets wrong map title
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 There are 2 types of titles for rasters. One is a title specified in
 'cats' files, the other one in 'hist' files.

 Most modules (maybe all?) which have parameter title to set the title, for
 example r.in.gdal, set the 'cats' title. However, r.support sets the
 'hist' title.

 Module r.info reports both as:

 Title:    South-West Wake county: Elevation NED 10m ( elev_ned10m )

 where the long one is the 'cats' title and the one in parentheses is
 'hist' title.

 Quoting from https://grass.osgeo.org/grass43/manuals/progman42.pdf (page
 102, about struct History):

 ''Note. Some of the information in this structure is not meaningful. For
 example, if the raster file is renamed, or copied into
 another mapset, the mapid and mapset will no longer be correct. Also the
 title does not reflect the true raster file title. The
 true title is maintained in the category file.''

 So, to conclude, I suggest to change r.support to set the title in
 category file, not the one in history file.

 The question is if we want to modify the r.info title output or not.

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