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> #3136: move v.krige to addons
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>  I would say that v.kriging is an excellent starting point as it provides a
>  native implementation in C, and provides 2D and 3D kriging. It could
>  probably be made a bit more grass-like, including by abandoning the use of
>  gnuplot and replacing it by a combination of v.kriging plus g.gui.kriging
>  or something like that, where the first works non-gui and the second
>  provides the necessary GUI elements.

It would be great if v.kriging will become a native implementation once. I
still keep developing it - I have replaced kd-tree from PCL library by
R-tree implemented in GRASS GIS and now I must deal with optimization of
the final phase (interpolation itself). It takes too much time (PCL version
used to be too slow as well).

> But I think that with a little
>  support from a more experienced GRASS C programmer, this could be made
>  into a core GRASS module (it already does work and provide results). Maybe
>  with an r.kriging as a corollary.
I would be grateful for any suggestions or advices.

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