[GRASS-dev] [GRASS-user] v.rast.stats ERROR

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Oct 21 02:29:41 PDT 2016

On 21/10/16 10:11, Blumentrath, Stefan wrote:
> Yes, but in vector maps starting with a number or having a "." in the
> name is not allowed. Also SQL keywords are excluded... See:
> https://grass.osgeo.org/programming7/legal__vname_8c_source.html

Yes, I know. This is because by default attribute tables will have the 
same name as the vector map and so the map name is checked for that. 
Another option would be to alter the table name, while keeping the map 

> So, the same logic may be used to check column names (I guess that is
> what Markus intended).

Yes, a Vect_legal_columnname() would probably be quite similar.

> However, it seems that for raster maps more special characters are
> legal and also v.in.ogr uses layer names from the original data
> source which can cause conflicts in SQL DB backends...

That's why the option of not having table names identical to map names 
might be more flexible, but it creates a bit of confusion when people 
assume that identity of names.

> Maybe legal file names, column and table handling is something to
> re-consider for GRASS 8?


How much of a problem is there really, though ? What do you propose 
needs changing ?


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