[GRASS-dev] Standard option identifiers

pablo zader pzader at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 18:10:44 PDT 2016

Hi list

I'm developing some script in "grass gis", and I have some doubt that the
documentation will not answer me (

What is the diference betwen G_OPT_R_INPUT  and G_OPT_R_MAP ?

if I have a geoprocess has two input raster layers, which of these two
options standares I use to define these inputs?

Another related question: what are the values that support the keyword
"type" in the definition of the head of the code?

In my example, I implemented a script with python scripting library, it takes
two raster layers as inputs and outputs a raster layer.
The defintion header is:

option: G_OPT_R_INPUT
type : string

option: G_OPT_R_INPUT
type : string

It is correct?

Or, the correct is:

option: G_OPT_R_INPUT
type : raster

option: G_OPT_R_INPUT
type : raster

Thanks in advanced

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