[GRASS-dev] Proposed new GRASS add-ons

Thomas Huld thomas.huld at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 13:17:35 PST 2017

Dear All,

I would like to propose three new GRASS add-on raster modules, all based on
the r.sun module:

r.pv: calculate photovoltaic module power output
r.suntrack: calculate solar radiation on sun-tracking surfaces
r.sunyear: calculate optimum inclination for maximum insolation over the

These modules are part of the PVMAPS software and data set:


which contains these modules together with scripts, a manual and a large
amount of data to run these modules. The data are also useful for running

The methods underlying the modules have been described in a paper accepted
for publication in Solar Energy:


Since I am not terribly familiar with contributing to GRASS I have attached
the source code. I have tried to follow the recommendations for source code
and HTML pages, but I have probably forgotten something.

Is there anything serious I have forgotten before committing the new
modules to the repository?


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