[GRASS-dev] [GRASS GIS] #3242: Gui does not disply correctly and locks up when scrolling down to make alternative mapsets visible in d.vect and d.rast.

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Sat Jan 7 11:33:07 PST 2017

#3242: Gui does not disply correctly and locks up when scrolling down to make
alternative mapsets visible in d.vect and d.rast.
 Reporter:  ewcgrass  |      Owner:  grass-dev@…
     Type:  defect    |     Status:  new
 Priority:  critical  |  Milestone:  7.0.6
Component:  wxGUI     |    Version:  7.2.0
 Keywords:            |        CPU:  x86-64
 Platform:  Linux     |
 When scrolling down map lists in the map selection drop-down window in the
 first (Required) tab of d.vect and d.rast, the GUI locks up upon any of
 the additional mapsets that are made accessible (shown in blue in the GUI)
 being exposed in the GUI, except for the PERMANENT mapset, which appears
 already expanded and does not cause the problem. While so far as I can
 tell GUI lock-up may NOT occur about 5% to 10% of the time when only
 exposing the unexpanded additional mapsets, it appears to occur 100% of
 the time if the unexpanded mapsets are clicked upon. The additional
 mapsets only appear as unexpanded. The GUI also displays oddly on
 occasion, whereby when moved over GUI buttons the mouse pointer appears as
 a box with two arrows at 45 degrees, and the scroll bar in the above noted
 drop-down window fails to appear, such that scrolling can only be done
 using the mouse wheel.

 Once locked up, trying to shut down GRASS the normal way is impossible
 because while the "Do you want to quit GRASS" window opens after clicking
 on the GUI's x (top-right corner), that window is also non-responsive.

 When the GRASS GUI is locked up, Xorg uses 100% of one CPU core, but
 immediately drops to 0% after shutting GRASS down by typing Ctrl-D in the

 I am also experiencing the blacked-out check-boxes which were reported
 elsewhere and are being dealt with upstream by M. Neteler re. the wxGTK3
 repeated "Gtk-CRITICAL" warning bug. This leads me to question whether
 what I am describe in the first paragraph above may not also be related to

 I experience the very same defects in GRASS 7.2.0svn (r70142), which I
 have compiled myself, as well as with GRASS 7.0.4-2.fc25.x86_64, which I
 am running as supplied directly from the GRASS Fedora repository.

 This problem became apparent only after upgrading from Fedora 21 to Fedora
 25. All other computer functions seem to work correctly since the upgrade.

 I am running kernel 4.8.15-300.fc25.x86_64, AMD Phenom II X4 processor, 16
 GiB memory, Gnome 3.22 on X server, Nvidia GeForce GT 740 GPU with nvidia
 driver from rpmfusion.

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