[GRASS-dev] v.external: ID confusion

Blumentrath, Stefan Stefan.Blumentrath at nina.no
Mon Jan 9 07:42:46 PST 2017


I tried to link a PG table to GRASS for point sampling using v.external (in GRASS 7.0.6).

With that linked layer (which is not in public schema and has column "point_id" as primary key) I get a lot of:

WARNING: No record for category XXXX in table

when I use v.what.rast on that layer.

The results suggest that not the proper IDs were used when values were loaded to attribute table. Because values in the attribute table of the points do not match with values in the raster at point locations. Furthermore, some points, which are supposed to have values in the attribute table, have none...

Did I overlook something at import or should I open a ticket?

Kind regards,
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