[GRASS-dev] [GRASS GIS] #3249: v.what.rast: segfault with map without topology

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Wed Jan 11 03:51:16 PST 2017

#3249: v.what.rast: segfault with map without topology
  Reporter:  sbl          |      Owner:  martinl
      Type:  defect       |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  normal       |  Milestone:  7.2.1
 Component:  Vector       |    Version:  svn-trunk
Resolution:               |   Keywords:  v.what.rast, level 1
       CPU:  Unspecified  |   Platform:  Unspecified

Comment (by martinl):

 Seems to be a stack overflow somewhere since Map_info struct got ruined
 before segfault:

 gdb) p Map.dblnk->field[0]
 $11 = {number = 6, name = 0x7600000344 <error: Cannot access memory at
 address 0x7600000344>, driver = 0x60d770 "sqlite", database = 0x642100
 "$GISDBASE/$LOCAT\005", table = 0x60d5f0 "pn18", key = 0x60d6b0 "cat"}

 #0  _int_malloc (av=av at entry=0x7ffff6f86b00 <main_arena>,
 bytes=bytes at entry=26) at malloc.c:3762
 #1  0x00007ffff6c68d94 in __GI___libc_malloc (bytes=26) at malloc.c:2925
 #2  0x00007ffff729e088 in G__malloc (file=0x7ffff72e166b
 "lib/gis/location.c", line=82, n=26) at alloc.c:39
 #3  0x00007ffff72aa7c1 in G__location_path () at location.c:82
 #4  0x00007ffff72a4aaa in file_name (path=0x7fffffff9990 "\001", dir=0x0,
 element=0x7fffffffae00 "vector/pn17", name=0x7ffff7bc2ed7 "dbln",
 mapset=0x6095f0 "PERMANENT", base=0x0)
     at file_name.c:107
 #5  0x00007ffff72a4963 in G_file_name (path=0x7fffffff9990 "\001",
 element=0x7fffffffae00 "vector/pn17", name=0x7ffff7bc2ed7 "dbln",
 mapset=0x6095f0 "PERMANENT") at file_name.c:41
 #6  0x00007ffff72c0743 in G__open (element=0x7fffffffae00 "vector/pn17",
 name=0x7ffff7bc2ed7 "dbln", mapset=0x6095f0 "PERMANENT", mode=1) at
 #7  0x00007ffff72c0929 in G_fopen_new (element=0x7fffffffae00
 "vector/pn17", name=0x7ffff7bc2ed7 "dbln") at open.c:224
 #8  0x00007ffff7b7ddcc in Vect_write_dblinks (Map=0x7fffffffbf40) at
 #9  0x00007ffff7b7e395 in Vect_set_db_updated (Map=0x7fffffffbf40) at
 #10 0x00000000004027bc in main (argc=4, argv=0x7fffffffd9e8) at main.c:251

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